My Voice” NGO was set up in 2016 by reputable and well-known social activists of Ukraine.

Our created with the aim to foster the civil society’s participation processes by focusing on the implementation of citizen initiative platform, based on the experience and know-how of the, a Latvian initiative platform.

The project has received financial support from the Latvian_MFA until the end of 2016.

Plaform “” will held the responsibilities for: Technical support;The transfer of the methodology, trainings for the staff;The development of new features for the platform;Conducting the analysis on data and progress;Definition and evaluation of the annual strategic aims, in cooperation with the project leader organisation.

Its core team consists of people with a significant experience in the implementation and development of democratic processes and initiatives in Ukraine. All people working in the organisation have been part of civic movement “The New Country”. Other close standing partners are “The Reanimation Package of Reforms”, “Initiative of 21st November”, “The first professional government”, “Open University of Maidan” and further 59 smaller organisations, under these umbrella organizations. These organizations plan to use our platform to initiate new legislation – something that until now they were already doing directly with the parliament, but now they’ll also be able gather organized and measurable public support for their proposed reforms.

Contact of the organisation:
tel: +380677885370, +38 044 383 2997